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The Grim Reaper Will Never Come for Me!

When my mother died about a year ago, I ended up with the old scythe that had hung in my parents' garage for decades. It was the perfect prop for this performance of "The Grim Reaper will never come for me" from Now is Where God Lives. The other guy in the video is my brother Rick, who, despite being a lousy actor, has truly been a steady friend and companion throughout my life!

I don't know about you, but I don't live too peacefully with knowing that Death could take me at any time. I could say that I do, because that might be what a guy who sends out spiritual reflections should say, but I don't. There are still too many people I want to know and love and too many books I want to write! Sometimes when death anxiety surges in me, I feel like a flower in a drought that senses an urgency to go to seed. It's as if the flower is thinking, OK, I don't have long here, I better get to producing what I most want to leave behind.

Enjoy the video and this once-in-a-lifetime day!

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