Kevin Anderson, Ph.D.

Psychologist, marriage counselor, life coach

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About his unique approach to counseling, Dr. Anderson says: "I like to use images, stories, metaphor, and humor. The goofy lightbulb-in-therapy image came to me in the middle of a session a couple of years ago. After sharing it with a number of patients, one said, 'You have to make a youtube video of this!"

Dr. Anderson ("Kevin" to his patients) is a psychologist, marriage counselor, and life coach with thirty-five years of experience providing services to individuals, couples, and families.  He works with people who live near Toledo and by telephone or video conference with those who live farther away.

Kevin holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University. Before going into full-time private practice in 1995, he was the Executive Director of a large mental health center for children and families in crisis in the Toledo, Ohio area. As a consulting psychologist, he authored a manual of best practices in mental health that sold throughout the United States and in fifteen other countries. He has provided training to hundreds of clinicians on effective individual and couples therapy. 



Kevin has moved away from the "diagnose and treat" approach of the medical model to focus on creating a healing relationship while making use of the best of modern psychological knowledge. His willingness to include an ongoing exploration of spiritual dimensions of suffering and healing is valued by many of his patients. He is privileged to work with people of a variety of faiths and with many who profess no faith at all.


Kevin's approach with most patients emphasizes daily practice.  Whether it be in a sport, playing a musical instrument, or in personal growth, nothing gets results like daily practice. While he is informed by the best of empirical knowledge in psychology, Kevin attempts to create a unique approach to therapy with every person, couple, or family with whom he works.


When people call for counseling or therapy they are usually at a difficult point in life or in crisis. Some people call instead for life coaching. In coaching, the focus is not on treating a problem but on creating one's best life. Coaching clients want to look at the big picture of their lives and put clear goals and processes in place to keep things moving in the direction of growth. Those who consult Kevin as a life coach benefit from his working with thousands of people from the 1980s to the present.

If you are interested in Kevin's psychotherapy, marriage counseling, or coaching services he can be reached by calling (419) 785-8645 or emailing  He will be back in touch with you promptly.


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