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Welcome! I am a psychologist, marriage counselor, and life coach with thirty-five years of experience providing services to individuals, couples, and families.  I work with people who live near Toledo and by telephone or video conference with those who live farther away. Here you can read about clients' experiences in their own words, read about my approach to therapy/counseling/coaching, and check out some audios/videos about how I think about working with individuals and couples. Oh yes, and a video of me doing therapy with a lightbulb!


My PhD is in Counseling Psychology from The Ohio State University. Before going into full-time private practice in 1995, I was the Executive Director of a large mental health center for children and families in crisis in the Toledo, Ohio area. As a consulting psychologist, I authored a manual of best practices in mental health that sold throughout the United States and in fifteen other countries. I have provided training to hundreds of clinicians on effective individual and couples therapy. 

If you are interested in my psychotherapy, marriage counseling, or coaching services I can be reached by calling (419) 785-8645 or emailing  I will be back in touch with you promptly.

Client Experiences in Their Own Words

(identified only by first name or initials)

Kevin was a real lifeline to me. I wrote him a note to express how I felt about our work together: “If you ever wonder about the impact, importance, and efficacy of what you do, I can tell you that it is huge beyond measure.  Your profound observations and wise suggestions echo in my head every day.  If I were you, and I could quantify my contributions to the human race, I could die tomorrow secure in the knowledge that I had improved my fellow tribesmen’s experience on this earth.  Even one person helped is more than most people accomplish in a lifetime.  If you need a reminder, I am that one person.” Alex

Kevin Anderson has been a gift to me. He is a fantastic therapist. He always greeted me and my struggles with a deep sense of understanding, empathy, openness, and kindness. His trusted counsel has played an active role in my life and helped me better understand myself as a whole and healthy person. He is a treasure trove of wisdom and pulls from many different avenues of spiritual, psychological, philosophical, and artistic schools of thought. I would highly recommend him to others who are trying to find depth, meaning, and greater wholeness in their lives.  B.R.


When we came to Kevin we both had attorneys and were pretty well set on divorce. When he first tried to teach us one-way listening I told him I had nothing to say to my wife and couldn't do the whole "talk about how you feel" thing. After a lot of practice I told him one-way listening was hands-down the best thing we've done in twenty years of marriage. He showed us how to learn what we need to learn from our conflicts by really listening. He brought us back from the edge.  – Tim

What I appreciate about working with Dr. Kevin Anderson is the calm, non-judgmental environment he promotes to facilitate safe, open and honest conversations. Kevin is able to add levels of perspective in our sessions by way of introducing thoughts and concepts from all kinds of historical and present-day literary or religious figures. This approach combined with his own experience of working with people for over 30 years as a psychologist has helped me understand that many of the challenges we face are universal. This fact is so helpful in realizing that we are truly not alone. During our sessions, it is typical for Kevin to use humor, analogies and imagery to help illustrate a point and make it more memorable both in the moment and later on for recall and application during day-to-day living. Working with Kevin has helped me focus on the future by dealing with issues of the past. Learning new perspectives and techniques for dealing with hurts and hang-ups allows me to get past the past and be more excited about the future. John

I came to Dr. Anderson during a time in my life when spiritual matters were very important to me. A therapist I was assigned to in a clinic did not understand my (pretty mainstream) religion, so I spent much time trying to teach her about it. My psychiatrist, an excellent clinician, was no help either. So I sought out a therapist who could grasp the importance of my spiritual understandings. I thought this search would be difficult. However, when I came upon Dr. Anderson’s brief paragraph on the Psychology Today website, I thought perhaps he might be able to help me.  I first came to him when I was overloaded with caregiving for my dying husband. He helped me achieve a dynamic balance during that time and through my grieving after my husband died. I suffer from chronic conditions, both mind and body, and Dr. Anderson’s knowledge of how the mind and body are connected have helped me very much to deal with my struggles with getting older. The most interesting part of our times together has been when one of us refers to a spiritual writer, or saint, or concept, and the other almost completes the sentence. Because he has studied deeply in his tradition, he is able to guide me along in my own. His self-giving to each of his clients was revealed in the past year, when he took extraordinary measures to be able to see people safely, in person, without masks. In the winter he brought a gas patio heater to his screened-in porch. Day after day, hour after hour, there he worked, in twenty-degree weather, in parka, heavy boots and mittens, as he provided his clients what they needed most, a face-to-face encounter with a genuine, authentic, real person. Linda

I remember so clearly the session when Dr. Anderson said to us, "Why don't you give each other a promotion?" I asked him what he meant and he said we should think of each other as being as sacred as our children. We had some real heart-to-heart conversation after that and rediscovered not only emotional intimacy but sex, which had been missing for years. We're so grateful to him for showing us a deeper way to think about love.  – Sandra

I was introduced to Kevin when I was struggling with major family issues that were to a large degree the result of problems I was having with avoidance and emotional suppression. That description seems surface, but the issues were deep as they had been forming for many years before an eventual eruption occurred. I was struggling with what to do to try to repair damage but also to heal my own brokenness. Kevin has been wise counsel, a guide, a man with a helpful perspective on the very complex and difficult issues I have grappled with. He is a wonderful, spiritual, intelligent and humble counselor who has helped me immeasurably. If and when life’s challenges are too great for you to handle without some help, I would highly recommend Kevin, as I am confident that he can guide you through those dark and difficult times and help you to see and to be the best version of you. Paul

I first came to see Kevin when I was very lost and confused. He has helped me learn how to accept myself, showed me compassion and understanding. He provided a non-judgmental environment and challenged my perspective. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for his continued support and guidance. He was a source of wisdom, comfort, and a safe place for me to be myself. As a therapist myself, I was very particular in choosing a therapist. Not only has he helped me become a person I am proud to be, but he has helped me become a better therapist for my own clients. I am grateful and would recommend him to anyone looking to improve themselves. Diane

Several years ago I found myself in need and remembered Dr. Anderson. I recalled his personable nature and message when I heard him speak years before. I reached out to work one-on-one with Kevin and found him to be a practical and insightful therapist. He is well-read, knowledgeable, and experienced. He shares his life experiences, both personal and professional in a way that builds my trust in his understanding of the human experience and in the advice, counsel, observations, and suggestions he shares with me. Kevin is empathetic without being enabling. He can be challenging and he can be comforting when needed. He provided me with a fulfilling experience that has given me paths and opportunities to work my way through issues I've confronted. Kevin is a highly professional, yet personable, therapist who gave me tools to help balance my life. He has been a blessing to me. – James

Several years ago I was diagnosed with a condition which required a medical procedure. I coded after the procedure and developed PTSD. A well-respected person in the community suggested I make an appointment to see Dr. Anderson. I felt at ease with Dr. Anderson almost immediately  and found him to be empathic, insightful and patient. With his guidance, I have learned to recognize the triggers of my anxiety and have learned to cope with unpleasant memories from my past. I am grateful for his kindness, wisdom and support. He is one of a kind, especially in this broken world.  Marie

Through meeting with Dr. Anderson, for the first time in my life I truly love myself and believe that I am a good person. I’m not sure I would have ever figured that out on my own without his help. I’m finally okay! Danielle

My time with Dr. Kevin Anderson came at a critical point in my life, and I am happy to say he was incredibly helpful. His insight and non-judgmental manner made hard topics easier to deal with, which I really needed and appreciated. I found that I could trust Kevin’s professionalism. He was always respectful of my boundaries and patient when we were dealing with particularly difficult issues. His insightful observations allowed me to really stop and consider my perspectives in ways I hadn’t before. Kevin gave me coping skills that I have been able to use every day. Jim

Kevin Anderson helped me see my life through a different window which is opening up doors for my future. My everyday challenges still exist, but thanks to Kevin I am better able to accept things as they are. I am thankful for his support and guidance and someone I can trust. Don

Our son is a drug addict. Those are hard words to say, but it was Dr. Anderson who first empowered my wife and me to admit to this truth, and then to help us to find a path forward. We were more than desperate. Our son had almost died from an overdose. We came to Dr. Anderson seeking advice but we got more than just a listening ear. Over the course of our two years together, he seemed to be able to use just the right creative methods to help us go deeper, and deeper, and deeper. Acknowledging our fears, and accepting everything we were feeling (never judging), he helped us find new ways to support our son while taking care of ourselves along the way. Dr. Anderson is simply masterful at his craft.  We are so grateful that we found him and for the support he continues to provide to us during this difficult time in our lives. We are more hopeful than ever, knowing we have finally someone who can walk with us in the fire. 


Several years ago, I was in an extremely difficult marriage. My husband and I met with multiple

counselors who focused on saving our marriage through forgiveness and communication skills.

“All marriages have tough times. All married people fight.” I felt confused and betrayed because

I needed someone to recognize the damage that my marriage was doing to me as a human.

Hearing my husband minimize the situation and deny my truth at a time when I was struggling to

put words to it left me feeling re-traumatized. Dr Anderson took the time to break past

appearances and recognize the red flags and hidden truth. It wasn’t about saving our marriage

but about helping two broken individuals, so he suggested we both get individual therapy. Dr.

Anderson provided a safe and peaceful environment where we focused first on my personal

safety and my dignity as a woman. He patiently led me to poetry, concrete symbols, and books

that would help me to face my truth, heal, and find beauty in life. What made the difference was

this genuine connection that allowed me to recognize and understand the abuse in my marriage

and to set boundaries for my mental and physical safety. He followed through and made sure

that I was able to reach out to others, develop strategies, and carry out a plan to begin standing

on my own two feet. I would encourage anyone who is struggling with relationships or

otherwise to reach out to Kevin Anderson.  –Mary

About My Approach to Counseling, Psychotherapy, and Coaching


I have moved away from the "diagnose and treat" approach of the medical model to focus on creating a healing relationship while making use of the best of modern psychological knowledge. For those who value it, I include an ongoing exploration of spiritual dimensions of suffering and healing. I am privileged to work with people of a variety of faiths and with many who don't identify with any religion or spiritual worldview.


My approach with most patients emphasizes daily practice. Whether it be in a sport, playing a musical instrument, or in personal growth, nothing gets results like daily practice. In addition to being informed by the best of empirical knowledge in psychology, I attempt to create a unique approach to therapy with every person, couple, or family with whom I work.


When people call for counseling or therapy they are usually at a difficult point in life or in crisis. Some people call instead for life coaching. In coaching, the focus is not on treating a problem but on creating one's best life. Coaching clients want to look at the big picture of their lives and put clear goals and processes in place to keep things moving in the direction of growth. Those who consult me as a life coach benefit from my having worked with thousands of people from the 1980s to the present.

If you are interested in my psychotherapy, marriage counseling, or coaching services I can be reached by calling (419) 785-8645 or emailing  I will be back in touch with you promptly.

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