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Here are some audios and videos that will give you a window into how I think about working with individuals and couples. Enjoy!

I like to use images, stories, metaphor, and humor. The goofy lightbulb-in-therapy image came to me in the middle of a session a couple of years ago. After sharing it with a number of patients, one said, 'You have to make a youtube video of this!"

35 reflections on couples FINAL - 8_22_2
00:00 / 34:13

I've worked with couples since the beginning of my training. Here are thirty-five reflections on thirty-five years of working with couples

5 Fun Marriage Images
00:00 / 11:16

Here are five weird, wacky, and fun images I've used in talks and with couples to get at some important truths about marriage. Enjoy!

35 Lessons
00:00 / 38:33

Here are thirty-five things I've learned about therapy and about being human after thirty-five years of listening to thousands of people.

The Talking Cure
00:00 / 15:10

Since the days of Freud therapy has been called the "talking cure." Here are ten things you might find "curative" about the talking cure.

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