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Now Is Where God Lives:
A Year of Nested Meditations to Delight the Mind and Awaken the Soul

CLB Press, 2018, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 392 pp., $16.95
ISBN:  978-0-9728355-4-1    copyright 2018 by Kevin Anderson

This first collection of nested meditations since the form was introduced in Divinity in Disguise contains nearly five times as many meditations as the debut work. In less than a minute each day you can pause and experience the delights and insights of these reflections on God, love, work, suffering, death, purpose, happiness, and more.

Noble Nature
Meditations on the Abundant Wisdom of Creation


CLB Press, 2014, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 63 pages, $9.95

ISBN:  978-0-9728355-1-0    copyright 2014 by Kevin Anderson

In the sixty-three meditations in this collection, the author finds extraordinary wisdom in the ordinary happenings of naturein rocks and trees, shooting stars and seashores, blizzards and bees, and in a wide assortment of other natural amazements. With a unique combination of reverence for the natural world, insight into the human condition, childlike awe, and a facility for metaphor making, Anderson exposes nature's latent wisdom. Spending time with these meditations leaves a lingering attunement to what nature can teach us about how to be in this world.




Divinity in Disguise  
Nested Meditations to Delight the Mind
and Awaken the Soul

CLB Press, 2003, hardcover, 4.4 x 8.4, 192 pages, $19.95

ISBN:  978-0-9728355-0-3    copyright 2003 by Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson invented the nested meditation form.  This book is a first-of-a-kind collection of seventy-six nested meditations. Beyond awakening the soul, these meditations delight the mind with subtle or dramatic shifts of meaning as the pieces reveal themselves one line at a time.  Includes meditations on God, the sacred self, love, sexuality, parenting, work, money, money, death, brokenness, joy, and more.


WINNER of a 2003 spiritual book of the year award from Spirituality & Health magazine.



The 7 Spiritual Practices of Marriage
Your Guide to Creating a Deep and Lasting Love


CLB Press, 2005, softcover, 7.25 x 9.25, 224 pages, $16.95

ISBN:  978-0-9728355-5-8    copyright 2005 by Kevin Anderson

This book pulls together the material Dr. Anderson has presented to hundreds of audiences around the country for the past twenty years. Thousands of couples have gone home from these events with a copy of this book as a guide for following through on intentionally creating their best marriage.  This book is for couples who know that "happily ever after" is not a complete model of how to live a rich and soulful life with a marriage partner.  It is for those willing to create an emotionally, physically, and spiritually intimate marriage on purpose.

The Inconceivable Surprise of Living:
Sustaining Wisdom for Spiritual Beings Trying to Be Human

 CLB Press, 2014, softcover, 5.5 x 8.5, 266 pp., $14.95

  ISBN:  978-0-9728355-2-7    copyright 2014 by Kevin Anderson


Reflections (none longer than a page) on over 220 quotations from nearly 150 wise women and men throughout recorded history. Each of these quotations has the potential to transform your perspective on basic human questions about mystery, God, love, happiness, suffering, death, and authentic living.

Praise for Kevin Anderson's writing

Anderson keeps opening new doors for our appreciation of the abundant marvels in our daily lives. [His] ...meditations are superb examples of everyday spirituality.

Spirituality & Health


The most creative spiritual book I have ever read!

Rev. Mark Davis

[Anderson] has come up with a fresh way to explore the surprising dimensions of everyday spirituality where even the most commonplace experiences and emotions are shot through with grace and meaning.


Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat,

In Toledo area, books can be purchased at:

Reger's, 4100 Secor Rd., Toledo, OH  

(419) 474-4740

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