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Dr. Anderson has spoken to hundreds of audiences throughout the United States. His presentations are known for a mix of humor, storytelling, creative (often zany) images, and spiritual depth.


An "Eight Great Dates" series he created drew 400 couples from thirty cities from the three-state area around Toledo, Ohio.  He is particularly known for the memorable visuals he uses. He created, for instance, a giant candle snuffer from a ten-foot-long piece of PVC pipe with a lampshade on one end. He used this to go through the audience snuffing out marriage partners' most annoying habits. An empirically-trained psychologist, Dr. Anderson uses such images not only because they are fun, but because they make use of modern "deep processing" research into how lasting memory traces are formed.  Memory for ideas paired with memorable images far exceeds memory for ideas alone.


Dr. Anderson's topics include (click on the underlined link below to learn more about each topic):


The New True Love: A completely new set of ideas for couples about what we're in when we're in love


Compassion Cells:  We live beneath a cloud of fear about what the next horrific act of terror cells will be. This presentation focuses on how each person, couple, family, church, or other organization can foster peace by becoming a "compassion cell" in humanity's immune system response to terror cells.


The 1% Solution for Your Best Health:  Drawing on over thirty years in the field of mental health, Dr. Anderson encourages people to take 1% of their time (about 15 minutes per day) to practice mindfulness and other tools that are scientifically proven to enhance health.

If your organization is interested in bringing in Dr. Anderson to speak, please email and we will be in touch with you. 

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