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Joy Management:

A Daily Practice for Living with Joy, Peace, Compassion, and Purpose


We've all heard about stress management for decades. This model of dealing with the reality that life is difficult encourages us to imagine that our lives are plugged into a contant source of stress. The best we can do is manage that stress to keep from getting fried by it!


In his book Joy Management and in his talks and retreats on the same theme, Dr. Anderson presents a new paradigm. What happens if we show up each day to some time plugging our lives into an infinite source of joy, peace, compassion, and purpose? One thing that happens is we end up with a new problem: how to manage all the positive energy that wants to use our life to transform the world.


In this presentation, you'll  laugh when you see Kevin do therapy with a light bulb or meditate with a monkey mask on. You'll also experience the deep joy, peace, compassion, and purpose that can flow through your life as he guides you through a joy management session.


You'll learn about the "three rememberings" at the core of joy managment. These three phases of the practice are captured in one phrase from St. Teresa of Avila:  "Settle yourself in solitude and you will come upon God in yourself--a light of compassion for the world."


If arranged in advance, Kevin, a singer and songwriter, is  happy to perform "Breath of my Breath" and/or "A Light of Compassion for the World." These two meditative songs capture the essence of joy management.


Versions of this program have been presented at healthcare conferences, university wellness days, parish missions, and other events.

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