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The 1% Solution for Your Best Health



Stress is a factor in 60-80% of primary care office visits. The 1% Solution teaches you how to invest 1% of your day (about 15 minutes) to make the other 99% healthier and happier.


Kevin Anderson, Ph.D.--a psychologist, award-winning author and public speaker--created The 1% Solution to make the most important ideas about stress management accessible to those who want to experience optimal health.


Depending on time constraints, this program covers some or all of the material below:


  • Overview of the program and Dr. Anderson’s stories of the healing power of mind-body awareness and stress management.

  • Getting past “Is it real or all in my head.” Learning to be aware of the everpresent mind-body connection and use that awareness for better health.

  • The science of the mind-body connection. How dis-ease becomes disease.

  • Symptoms as symbols. The clever ways our bodies may express stress.

  • Changing your mind, healing your body. How our thoughts affect our health.

  • Mindfulness. How practicing a peaceful, accepting state of mind can lead to better      health.

  • Guided practice session. How to invest 1% of your day to make the other 99% better.

  • From The 1% Solution to 100% Optimal Health. Integrating your daily practice with other crucial preventive health practices.


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