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An Easter Reflection

An Easter Reflection from Noble Nature

In my spiritual tradition this is the Easter season. I was traveling over the Easter holiday, so this reflection will come to you mid-week. Are we allowed to pause in the middle of the work week, with its persistent imperative that we be all about doing rather than being, to reflect on ultimate things? I hope so!

Whatever Easter might mean to you or me, it seems that it has something to do with death and rebirth. In the natural world, this is wondrously symbolized by metamorphosis. Here's a brief reflection from Noble Nature:

Noble butterfly,

so great a surprise

to the world of caterpillars

that if you alighted on one's bristled back

it would not know you as the future

but would be stuck in the present

tense, crawling with fear

that you could be a predator

intent on consuming it--

glimpse of what may be beyond

the day-to-day munch and crawl,

incarnation of our fluttering hope

a winged life awaits us all--

teach me how to be in this world.

(from Noble Nature, copyright 2014 by Kevin Anderson)

I hope your day-to-day munch and crawl is going reasonably well--and that you have moments of metamorphosis in which you find yourself living the winged life!

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